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September 29, 2002

I'm sure you've all noticed the sad lack of updates to this website. I do apologize, but not without qualifications. I have a real job now (you do eventually graduate from college and start your own business) and that takes up many hours of my day and night. I do love Filter and their music, but for all the time and effort (it's been over four years now!) I have put into this website (thanks to help from many of you fellow fans), The FOLD has never been recognized by the band or their management (and where has Hubka disappeared to?). You know, a thank you or an email goes a long way.

So my fidelity to this site has faded. I don't want to discontinue the site because I do love the band and the fans. How can you help? Since I'm low on time lately, email me with news and tidbits, photos, and links you find and my job will be so much easier and this site will get updated much more often.

I'm working on reorganizing the site in the near future (really, I am). The FOLD section is going to be deleted and revamped. If you want to be listed on that page, you will have to send me all your info again. I'll be putting a form up for that soon.

The web address may also change, but fear not, I will put up a redirection page so you can find The FOLD among the vast Internet traffic.

Thanks for your patience, people. Remember to keep the radio loud.

Filter's song "The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way)" from The Amalgamut can be heard in television commercials for the new Hummer 2 vehicle.

An email I received sheds some light on a song title...
Welcome to the Fold is the name of a record by a band called 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack, from Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Maxar Berezium, who appears on the new Filter record, is The Fold. The double album was released in Oct. of 1998. Frank knows the lead singer of the band and Rich liked the name and record so much, he named a song, on Title of Record, after it.
Dr. Sandor Nimbus

Get your Filter screensaver here.

When Filter released Title of Record Richard Patrick and Trent Reznor were having a public spat. Now that the band's third album is only two months from release, Patrick is stirring up the dirt again - this time with Fred Durst. For the sordid details, read Rich Words and an article from the Chicago radio station 94.7FM The Zone.

Read a new story on the new album at mtv.com. See new pictures of the video shoot for "Where Do We Go" on the official Filter website.

According to CDNOW.com, Filter is going on tour with the Locobazooka festival this summer. Other bands on the bill include Sevendust, Mushroomhead, Nonpoint, Gravity Kills, Audiovent, and Reveille. Check out the tour page for dates and venues. Dont't see your big city on the list? Organizers of the festival only book offbeat venues and use the tour to bring big name bands to small time spots. Visit the Locobazooka website for upcoming details. Buy your tickets at Ticketmaster for select shows. Prices range from $20-$30.

*************JULY 30, 2002*************

Filter has pushed up the release date of The Amalgamut from August 6, 2002 to July 30, 2002.
This is the official release date of the third Filter album, The Amalgamut, heard from Richard Patrick himself. In his latest update (check out Rich Words), Rich says this is the best album, yet, and he apologizes that he cannot share it with the fans until late summer. The bandleader also implies his fans should wait until July and NOT download the new material from the Internet.

The official track listing is:
  1. You Walk Away (4:36)
  2. Where do we go (5:34)
  3. American Cliché (3:37)
  4. Columind (3:35)
  5. The Missing (4:47)
  6. The Only Way is The Wrong Way (5:13)
  7. My Long Walk To Jail (4:07)
  8. So I Quit (3:24)
  9. God Damn Me (4:14)
  10. Never Be The Same (4:32)
  11. World Today (5:50)
  12. The IVth (8:05)
Previously reported, the first single will be released to radio in June, and a full-length MP3 of "So I Quit" will be downloadable from the official Filter website in the very near future.

Read a recent article on MTV.com about Richard's thoughts on the new album.

If you feel like switching around your bookmarks, amalgamut.com has been registered by the band and links fans to the main page of the band's official website.

If any Australian fans have copies of Phenomenon and Title of DVD in a format playable on Australian DVD players, please send an email with information on where fellow Aussie fans can purchase these items.

The band has announced the addition of a new guitarist for Filter's touring band. Alan Bailey won the spot March 1, 2002 and his praises are being sung by both Richard Patrick and Geno Lenardo (a former roommate of the new guy). Read more about Alan here.

Geno recently picked up a new guitar at the Fender Custom Shop. Check out his new instrument at Fender.com.

Filter's infamous "Hey Man Nice Shot" song can be heard during the television promos for the Gene Hackman movie Behind Enemy Lines.

So do you want to see where Filter's music is created? Then check out the pics of the band's Chicago studio on officialfilter.com.

The FOLD has been officially listed with Yahoo! under the Filter category. There are many ways to find us there, but the fastest is to go to Music: By Artist: Filter.

If the Smashing Pumpkins ever released a tribute album, Filter might be tapped to record "love" from the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album according to chartattack.com.

Some of the pages on this website have been redesigned. If you love them or hate them or think something else should be changed, exercise your right to send email.

The members of Staind thank Filter in the liner notes of their third album, Break the Cycle, which retained the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts in 2001 for a record number of weeks for a rock album.

Read an interview with Richard Patrick on MTV.com. Find out about work on the third Filter album and Rich's trip across the United States in his new BMW.

Are you looking for Rich's previous posts to officialfilter.com? Check out their new home here.

You can also find the results of all the old FOLD polls on their own page, too. Check those out here.

Rich has recently mentioned his intent to work with Chino Moreno of the Deftones on a single for Filter's new album.

You may think the Filter BBS is just a memory, but it is still accessible through Artist Direct. Just do a search for Filter, and you'll be able to access the same BBS that was linked to officialfilter.com.

Last year the members of Filter loudly voiced their opinions against Napster and Internet bootlegging of artists' copyrighted music. Now you can join their cause. Visit ArtistsAgainstPiracy.com to find out who else in the music world supports this cause and what you can do about it.

Any news, stories, q's or otherwise? Email ~~Anastasia~~